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Go From Gas Station To McDonalds

Go From Gas Station To McDonalds

What if your vehicle could be refueled by you in a restaurant as an alternative to a fueling-station?

Environmentalists can see that their cast-off fryer grease will be happily given away by eateries. This oil used and may be strained to operate trucks and cars which were transformed to use veggie lubricant. The exhaust may smell like chips (that is no laugh), but you will be recycling and saving your-self some cash.

The primary factor to be aware of is the fact that diesel-powered cars may be transformed use vegetable oil. Diesel-powered motors were initially built to operate on various fuels, including plant oil and peanut oil. Spark-plugs do not ignite vegetable oil is used by petrol automobiles. You need to focus on a diesel-powered automobile that is older by 1-5 years. Diesel-powered motors that are older have less moving parts, making them more dependable post-conversion.

It sounds hard… doesn’t it?

The genuine transformation is quite easy, but you must be a gearhead’s type who’s ready to do operation under your car or truck’s hood. You may have to set up gas lines and another fuel-tank that can use the veggie grease because some diesel gas will be nevertheless used by a car that is transformed, you cannot simply change the diesel-powered container. Below ambient temperature, vegetable grease is too viscid to run by means of a diesel type engine, therefore the motor has to operate on diesel-powered for around a quarter hour before the oil gets hot. For this reason, you should move the radiator hoses throughout the vegetable oil container in a specific order and to redirect heated water from it to warm the acrylic.

The next phase would be to set up a filtration method to scrub any cultivated lubricant you would like to reuse for your motor. You are going to filter the lubricant as well as obtaining the filtration in the vehicle before you place it inside the container. Particles are typically captured by diesel gas filters as much as 10 microns, nevertheless, it is possible to acquire filters which can catch particles or even a micron. At retail stores, the transformation costs $1,600 for work and $3,000 –, even though there are choices for attributes like automate, which switches from diesel power to veg power. But the robotically-inclined may additionally buy conversion packages that are DIY for no more than $595.

What If I mess up?

The adaptation is not difficult, but at my buddy’s store, someone came in following a horrible effort that is DIY. The transformation needed to be taken apart and put back together properly.


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Conserve water by washing your vehicle efficiently

Conserve water by washing your vehicle efficiently

Cleansing your rims and tires frequently isn’t only an appearance problem – it is an important preemptive preservation!

Should you enable brake grime to gather, the coating can be eaten into by it and possibly end up dulling the metal. This is because friction and extreme heat produced by the rims makes this combination very corrosive. Daily, brake dust is continually being made in your rims as you drive. Regular washing is the sole way to maintain your wheels harmlessly.

Begin in the base

Measure 1:

When you wash your car or truck, clean the tires and the wheels first. This can prevent grime or over spray from splashing onto already-clean areas. In case you want to clean your wheels and tires with water and soap, make sure to use a different wash and rinse pail and soft bristle brush.

Measure 2:

Select a cleanser that’s suitable for the kind of wheels you’ve got. Roughcast aluminum and chrome can resist cleansers that are more powerful than coated or anodized wheels. The cleanser will say what it’s good for on the label. For instance, some products could be utilized on any wheel, but Chrome/Wire Wheel products are dangerous for coated wheels. If you’re unsure what type of wheels you’ve got, make use of a cleanser that’s safe for all wheels.

Employ a cleaner that works on the tires as well as the wheels. They tend to loosen brake dust that’s crept into the pores of the rubber and in miniature holes in the metal. A small agitation using a brush will enable it to work better.

You’d be amazed how many wheel and tire brushes are out there.

For tires, use Mom’s Contoured Tire Brush. Tires tend to need a stiffer brush to scrub the rubber. These layers make your tires seem worn out if you do not scrub them away and will end up turning brown.

Measure 3:

Wash before going to the next tire and rinse with a powerful jet of water.

Measure 4:

Make use of a terry cloth towel – but not one where you would want to utilize on any other element of your car or truck. If you use a towel for tires and rims then make sure to consistently use it just for that purpose. Proper drying makes it possible to remove every last touch of the brake dust and prevents water spots.

If you use choose to use car wax (which I suggest you do). Your wheels will seem cleaner for a longer period of time. It is much better than scrubbing your wheels all the time. The thing is that you must reapply these waxing products weekly which doesn’t take much time at all. The great news is, water is the only thing you should wash your wheels with between waxing’s – should you take advantage of a wheel wax as guided. Dressings prevent drying, cracking and provide UV protection and fading.

If you have any questions with this article, please contact us through the proper section.

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How I saved money on new car rims

How I saved money on new car rims

As a student, it is very important for me to save money as well as do my part for the environment.

steel rims

So the other day I decided to put my words to the test. I went out and looked for wheels that could greatly reduce the weight of my vehicle by 50 pounds. I realize that the stock wheels that I had which came with my ’09 Lexus were very heavy so I decided to look into alternatives. I went to my nearest car rim dealer but their prices were out of this world. Most of their stock consisted of steel rims which is what I was really not looking for. Steel rims will not fix this issue because they are very heavy. It seemed as if they were preparing for the upcoming winter so they did not have the right rims that I was looking for. I knew I had to practice what I preached, so I decided to look online.

alloy rims

After much research, I found out that aluminum alloy rims were light enough to reduce the weight of my car. Along with other tweaks I would be looking at about 200 pounds of energy burning weight removed. There were a few websites that I ran into that were pretty good when it came to showing the right design. The first thing I needed to do before I decided on a style was that I needed to pick what size I wanted. I ended up finding 22 inch rims here. I really suggest you check them out to get an idea on the sizes.

UPDATE: I received my rims a few days ago. and had them put on my car. Before I had the wheels switched, I went to a weighing station on one of the major interstates close where I live. In the beginning the Lexus weighed 3,496 pounds and after the wheel exchange, my car ended up weighing 3,443 pounds. So, this was completely worth it because my car dropped by 53 pounds. So according to a Motor Trend magazine article, reducing about 50 pounds made my car almost 1% more fuel efficient. This is not a lot but when you take a look at the fact that just by swapping wheels I will be saving money in the long run as well as the environment.

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Automobile Pollution

Automobile Pollution

Automobiles are the largest source of air pollution in the world. It is very sad that all it takes to fix this ongoing issue is better fuel technology and efficiency for cars and trucks. Believe it or not automobiles produce a little over one third of carbon monoxide in our atmosphere. This amounts up to 20% of pollution which we call global warming.

It goes without saying that air pollution has serious side effects for human health as well as the environment. It amazes me how slow we are advancing in clean energy programs. These programs would greatly help in reducing air pollution for cars and trucks all over the world. Most importantly, it would separate us from our need of oil.

If you think about it, cars and trucks are polluting our environment no matter what they do. This goes from operating, to fueling, to manufacturing, and even when we send them to the junkyard. We are living in a time where technology is seriously advancing but we are still restricted to fossil fuels.

Take a look at this video and see what our future may hold. Prepare to be SHOCKED.

There is also a part two which I hope you watch as well.

Unless you decide to use vegetable oil for your vehicle, this blog will provide you with tips to reduce your car or truck’s weight so that you will end up using less fuel. You could actually reduce weight by using lightweight rims and wheels for your vehicle. If you do not want to lower the weight of your vehicle, then you could also make sure that you do proper tune-ups as well as keeping air in your tires. If everyone followed the same methods to reduce vehicle weight, then there would be a massive amount of oil that goes unused. You might be thinking, why reduce fuel when it will just get used anyway? If we attempt to use as less fuel as we possibly can, then we will be able to find alternative fuel sources before our reserves are depleted.

Another perk that comes with fuel efficiency is the fact that you save a lot of money each year. If you find the right vehicle which is lightweight and small, you will then be able to save up to $1700 per year. This may not sound like a lot, but it seriously adds up throughout the years. If we continue to spend a lot of money on oil, then we will only see the price is being raised. Those control oil know that the world needs this resource so they have the opportunity to manipulate prices.

And most importantly, stop leaving a carbon footprint!

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